Bioesen DOO Industrijska zona bb, 25230 Kula, Serbia | E-mail:
+381 25 729 999
+381 25 729 999
The main objective of the quality policy ISO 9001:2008 in the company “Bioesen” is to meet the needs of customers and business partners with its products and its way of conducting business and to establish and keep the image of an honest and trustworthy company.
The realization of such an objective is based on an expert, competent and creative staff and technological resources, modernly organized, striving to be at the very top in this line of business.
The company “Bioesen” has been certified since 2009. According to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and HACCP principles, by the certification center TÜV Hessen GmbH in Germany.
All “Bioesen” employees are obligated to comply with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management as well as with the HACCP system, to conduct it, and also to have responsibility to take initiative to improve work and raise the level of quality.
They are to be pioneers of the new working culture, contributing to a better working environment.
For the lowest level of our work we demand timely, comprehensive and quality fulfillment of contracted commitments and protection of interest of our customers and business partners always and everywhere.
Our customers and business partners can be fully convinced of that, since “Bioesen“ preserves essential values.
Bioesen Ltd. has developed and achieved the production of specific supplements for animal feed, based on active principles of ethereal oils of medicinal herbs. Using our products you will have healthy animals, quality products (meat, milk, eggs) to the economic feasibility of their implementation.