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+381 25 729 999
+381 25 729 999
"ESSENTICO" ltd Kula
The association for production and trade, ESSENTICO ltd, was founded in 2002 with production of additives for fodder as a primary activity.
ESSENTICO ltd has developed and won over the production of specific additives to fodder based on active principles from essential oils of medicinal herbs, which with their efficiency successfully solve problems in the health protection of animals, as well as problems in preservation of fodder.
Within the development of new, and control of existing products, ESSENTICO ltd cooperates with array of scientific institutions in Serbia (The Scientific Institute for Veterinary of Novi Sad, The Faculty of Technology of Novi Sad, The Faculty of Agriculture, The Institute of Food Technology of Novi Sad, The Veterinary Institute of Sombor, The Veterinary Institute of Zrenjanin etc.).
By developing a partner relationship with the buyers and taking care of their needs, as well as trends in contemporary livestock industry and the regulation changes in EU in the area of fodder production, ESSENTICO ltd has positioned itself as an irreplaceable link in livestock industry.
As a logical resumption of successful business, and a consequence of gained experience in livestock industry, buying a farm in Mokrin near Kikinda in 2007 meant the beginning of the new chapter in the development of ESSENTICO ltd.
Despite the known unfavorable circumstances for livestock industry, ESSENTICO ltd has managed to create a successful, modern farm from a completely empty and destructed one, in only few years.
Investment in the equipment for the facilities where animals are to be placed, building and equipping the automated room for mixing fodder, admission and storage capacities for grain, reconstruction of the infrastructure, investing in the quality animal genetics, and keeping up with the trends in livestock industry, lead to the leading results in the country.
Thanks to the unremitting development and improvement, as well as accepting unknown and unfamiliar, ESSENTICO ltd is prepared for the time ahead. Keeping up and improving the existing technologies, altogether with applying and developing new ones, is what will mark the future years.
ESSENTICO Ltd. has developed and achieved the production of specific supplements for animal feed, based on active principles of ethereal oils of medicinal herbs. Using our products you will have healthy animals, quality products (meat, milk, eggs) to the economic feasibility of their implementation.