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+381 25 729 999
"Bioesen" Ltd. Kula - Mokrin Farm
The development strategy of „Bioesen“ Ltd, based on experiences of previous business in livestock, resulted in purchasing the pig farm in Mokrin begin 2007. The farm is located on the regional road Kikinda-Mokrin, and stretches on 40 ha of agricultural land.
The pig farm “Bioesen” ltd. in Mokrin is a commercial farm. During the renovation and acquiring of the most modern equipment, we have also started strict selection and genetic progress of the nucleus herd in the farm.
An Agreement with the genetic company Topigs from the Netherlands was signed, which contributed to the farm achieving production results competitive with the best results in developed countries, with constant improvement of slaughtering qualities and quality of halves on the slaughter line.
The farm has a modern pig artificial insemination center.
The health protection of the animals on the farm as well as all work related to the program is performed by its own veterinary service “Mokrinvet”, which is a team of three doctors of veterinary medicine and veterinary assistants.
Identification and registration of the animals as well as all measures related to the breeding, is performed by its own Breeding organization.
In the premises of the farm there is a cattle feed plant with storage for raw materials and an automatic mini cattle feed plant equipped with the most modern technology and indoor Gruber technik silos from Austria. In a computer guided process, following strict recipes and exact automatic measuring of raw materials, the plant produces food of quality and quantity which satisfies the needs of the farm.
The factory possesses equipment for pelleting fodder additionally enhancing the quality of the animal food.
Products made of soybeans are being processed in the soy processor which is located on the farm. This consists of an extruder for production of soy grits and a soybean press which makes soy bread, isolating raw soy oil.
The raw material storages are silos capacity 3000 t and a floor storage capacity 1500 t.
The silos are functionally connected with the cattle feed plant complex.
“Bioesen” Ltd. is producing agricultural products on 1000 ha of agricultural land which is in state ownership.
This enables the closing of the technological circle which ranges from agricultural production, ie. production of raw materials, production of fodder, to the complete production of the final product of the farm, the swine.
The entire process on the farm is led by qualified employees who are fully dedicated to the set objectives, ensuring the swine production is developed in the right direction and levels of production and professionalism are achieved.
Bioesen Ltd. has developed and achieved the production of specific supplements for animal feed, based on active principles of ethereal oils of medicinal herbs. Using our products you will have healthy animals, quality products (meat, milk, eggs) to the economic feasibility of their implementation.